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Deluxe Dentures & Denture Replacement Providers

Patients with lost teeth in Michigan can get dentures and denture replacements with the latest in denture technology. Your current dentures might have issues arising as they age like cracks, over-worn teeth, and a fit that no longer complements your gumline. Even if there’s nothing critically wrong with your dentures, their age could be an indication it is time to replace them. Denture technology has moved forward with time. It offers better materials and quality of fabrication that lead to more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing dentures that last longer and have a superior bite. New Era Dental uses the most up-to-date technology in our in-house lab. This allows us to produce your dentures much more quickly than we used to be able to. For instance, instead of waiting six-to-eight weeks for your dentures, you might get them as soon as on the same day the order started—the time varies per patient.

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Features of Newer, Better-Quality Dentures

Partial and complete dentures have advanced over time to offer improved features that ensure long-term use and an accurate appearance to your natural teeth and gums. When updating your dentures with New Era Dental, you can expect improvements in various aspects of the finished product, including the following:


With the evolution of materials like the acrylic resin and how it’s fabricated, dentures can emulate the natural look of the teeth and gums much more accurately. This advancement ensures you don’t end up with artificial teeth that don’t blend in.


With better methods of custom-designing and fabricating your dentures like digital scanning, we can create more precise-fitting dentures that can reduce the risk of sores and give you a more secure hold.


With the better fit, improved material quality, and enhanced design capabilities due to virtual design tools, the dentures’ long-term dependability makes an upgrade well worth the investment.


While the artificial teeth can better match the natural color and look of natural teeth, they’re also stronger and more capable of enduring the pressure from chewing. The acrylic resin and gum base materials offer longer usage for the wearer, thanks to their durability.

Invest in Quality with Updated Dentures

Whether you’re getting your first set of dentures or it’s time for an update. New Era Dental provides high-quality, natural-looking dentures that come from the most current methods and technology. Our in-house lab produces custom-created dentures that allow you to chew, speak, and smile with confidence. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and discuss your new or replacement denture options.

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