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Minimally Invasive Laser Treatment

Minimally invasive Laser treatment for Painless Periodontal Treatment, Muscular Facial Pain, TMJ, Canker and Cold sores.

Laser is the latest technological innovation in dentistry and offers many options for dental treatments: soft tissue surgery, professional tooth whitening, pain therapy for TMJ and the muscles used for chewing.

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Diode Laser Therapy

Utilizing Diode Laser Therapy is a clinically proven approach to provide Immediate pain relief while treating significantly painful Oral ulcers, such as the Aphthous Ulcer, or “Canker Sores”, and the Herpetic Ulcers known as “Cold sores”.

To learn more about our Minimally invasive Laser Treatments at New Era Dental please give our office a call today or request an appointment.

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