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Dental Abscess Treatment in Ann Arbor, MI

New Era Dental offers state-of-the-art tooth abscess treatment in Ann Arbor, MI. A dental abscess is an infection in the mouth, face, jaw, or throat. It can cause a pocket of pus to form in or around your gums, teeth, or even inside of a cavity. Anyone, regardless of age, can suffer a dental abscess if they have poor dental health. Dental abscesses will not get better on their own and require a dentist or endodontist for proper treatment. If you’re suffering from a painful dental abscess, don’t wait to get treated. Get in touch with New Era Dental today.

What Causes a Dental Abscess?

From a deep cavity to tooth decay or gum disease, various conditions can result in a painful dental abscess. These abscesses are typically a direct product of bacterial growth. They can become very painful once the surrounding tissue becomes inflamed. When the bacteria from a cavity invades the soft tissues of bone around the face and neck, you’re left with a dental abscess. Pus can collect at the infection site and make things even more painful. Poor oral hygiene can also lead to dental abscesses.

How to Help Prevent a Dental Abscess

There is no guaranteed way to prevent dental abscesses, but there are a handful of things you can do to maintain good oral health. Proper dental hygiene will reduce your chances of experiencing a dental abscess. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing regularly are among the many ways you can ensure the health of your teeth. Since cavities can lead to dental abscesses, you want to do what you can to prevent them. But should you get a cavity, it is best to treat it promptly to prevent it from becoming an abscess.

Treatment for Dental Abscesses

When you’re suffering from an abscess, you want to seek dental care as soon as possible. Your dentist will determine whether to merely cut the abscess open and allow the pus to drain or perform a root canal procedure for the infected tooth. Either way, the abscess will need to be drained to ensure the infection is cured and no further complications arise.

The Three Main Types of Abscesses

There are three main types of dental abscesses: periapical, gingival, and periodontal. Below, we’ve gone into detail about each:

  • Periapical Abscess: This is the most common form of dental abscess. It occurs when bacteria invades the dental pulp of a tooth. From there, pus forms at the tip of the tooth’s root.
  • Gingival Abscess: This type of abscess occurs when something becomes wedged in the gums, such as a broken tooth or even a food particle. Gingival abscesses can also occur after a traumatic injury or even excessive orthodontic force.
  • Periodontal Abscess: When bacteria infects your gums, this type of abscess can occur. Typically, with a periodontal abscess, one will feel an onset of pain and notice a small red ball pushing through swollen gum tissue.

 Visit New Era Dental Today

New Era Dental has served the dental needs of the Ann Arbor, MI community for years. We offer our patients a state-of-the-art facility, equipment, and technology, along with top-notch customer service. We provide premier specialty work done under one roof by our board-certified specialists and highly-trained dentists. Whether you’re suffering from a dental abscess or you’re looking for exceptional general dentistry services, we can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.