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    Dental Technology

    CBCT Scan Dentist Ann Arbor, MIIn every practice, you have patients who dislike the standard intraoral bitewing x-rays.

    Common issues include sensitive gag reflexes, claustrophobia and small mouths.

    The New Era Dental team considers the patient’s comfort to be our top priority. We have adopted the 3D dental imaging and CBCT scan as well as the use of extraoral (outside the mouth) radiographs to meet your comfort needs.

    The long term success and longevity of any dental implant starts with accurate treatment planning, proper surgical placement and choosing the type of dental restoration for that tooth implant. And 3D CBCT is considered the standard of care for dental implant dentistry.

    To learn more about our 3D Dental Imaging and CBCT Scan services at New Era Dental or to request an appointment, please contact us here or call our office directly at (734) 808-0000.