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      PRF Dental Treatments

      PRF Dentist Ann Arbor, MI

      Taken from the patient’s blood, L-PRF™ is a 3-D combination of platelet-rich fibrin. It’s a simple chair side procedure that produces fibrin that is strong, pliable and suitable for suturing. This natural fibrin network is rich in platelets, growth factors and cytokines. The presence of these proteins have been reported to produce rapid healing, especially during the critical first seven days after placement.

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      Clinically, platelet rich fibrin is resilient, strong and pliable, making it easy to manipulate. It can be cut to size, and is supple enough to adapt to many parts of the body. It is adhesive in nature and very receptive to suturing. In addition, there is ample working time since L-PRF™ is stable at room temperature for several hours.

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