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    Flexible Partial Dentures

    Flexible Partial Dentures Ann Arbor

    New Era UltraFlex Partial Denture

    Preferred by dentists and patients alike, flexible partials are a more aesthetic, yet fully-functional alternative to traditional cast metal partial dentures. The flexible base resin is ideal for partial dentures and provides an ideal degree of flexibility.

    The color, shape and design of the flexible partials blend seamlessly with the natural appearance of the gingival tissues, making the prosthesis nearly invisible. The strong, durable clasps snap securely and comfortably into place around the natural gums since the strength of the flexible resin does not require a metal framework.

    Plus it comes with a 2-year, 100% worry-free warranty

    NewEra FlexiCast Ultra

    In some cases, a metal bar is necessary to provide additional support while still addressing the patient’s desire to have the most aesthetic and flexible clasps available.

    Comes with 2-year, 100% worry-free warranty.

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    NewEra Flexicast Ultra