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    Dental Implants

    Dental Implant Dentist Ann ArborA dental implant is a small titanium screw that is placed in the jawbone where a tooth once was.

    Dental implants are titanium screws that provide secure anchors for the placement of an artificial tooth or set of artificial teeth. Your replacement teeth will look, feel and function like natural teeth, allowing you to eat and smile with confidence.

    Benefits of dental implants include:

    • No need to sacrifice healthy adjacent teeth to provide support for bridgework
    • The look, feel, and function of natural teeth
    • Allows you to eat virtually any type of food
    • Preserves facial structure
    • Lets you smile with confidence
    • Prevents bone deterioration that might occur as a result of missing teeth

    Dental Implants General Guidelines

    Number of Missing TeethType of ProsthesisNumber of Dental Implants
    Single ToothSingle CrownOne Dental Implant
    Two or More TeethFixed BridgeUsually 2-3 Dental Implants
    All teeth in upper or lower jawComplete prosthesis:
    Removable snap on denture.
    Fixed denture.
    Fixed ceramic bridge.
    2-8 dental implants, depending on what type of denture or bridge the patient has selected.

    How Many Dental Implants Will I Need?

    The number of tooth implants required will depend on the location and number of missing teeth, as well as the type of prosthesis (appliance) selected by the patient, either removable or fixed.

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